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Lanshan mansion, a social life place for gentlemen and celebrities;


From Han Song Neo Confucianism,


Xu is a place of support and belief for gentlemen and celebrities.

项目背景   Project background


"Old Nanning" is well known. In recent decades, it has been the "engine" of Nanning's take-off, the national Avenue; It has profoundly changed the development direction of Nanning and the destiny of all regions of Nanning.


Ronghe group, which has been deeply engaged in Guangxi for 27 years, takes the lead in seizing the new value highland in the east of Minzu Avenue; The craftsman made a masterpiece of Binjiang mountain residential villa endorsing "beautiful living".




   The project is located in the area with rich landscape resources. The front line is adjacent to the river. Overlooking the eastward flow of Yongjiang River, you can enjoy the natural landscape resources along Yongjiang river. The overall planning of the project includes two high-end property types: courtyard and foreign house. The overall style of the building is mainly modern Chinese style, simple and atmospheric, highlighting the humanistic elegant residence.






The reflection of the peaks and the floating water of the mountain are fascinating without water.


——To Guilin landscape


Zhenwu Pavilion takes this as its chapter, including reflection, bright moon and Yong water flow;


Loose is a gift, gold is solid; Overlooking the Yongjiang River, there is a clear.




Picturesque since ancient times, picturesque now.


——To Xu Gong, a poet of the Qing Dynasty米色为虚,水墨为实,

Beige is virtual, ink is real,

Light warm, tea green, elegant and solemn; The line is solid, and the reflection is virtual; Zhongzheng, arc circle, symmetry, ritual order



The schoolboy sits on the ground to learn the middle reaches of the book.


——Allusion history of the Old Five Dynasties: biography of Li Maozhen

“乐”生万理, 理学古今;传道授业,受解初生;

"Music" gives birth to ten thousand principles,   Neo Confucianism ancient and modern; Preach and teach, and be born by solution;


Water, to support things, to support the body, to support people;


Labor, to be talent, to be measure, to be form;




Open the double doors and sit quietly on the elegant tea.


——Allusion "hair cutting for guests"


Positive, symmetrical, salute and changeable printing and folding;


Round sitting wooden square, arc painting lattice;


Plain, elegant white, exquisite, tasteful, seasoning;



The original mind does not exist, and there is a reason for manifesting Dharma.


Lanshan Yongshui is blessed in the past.


——Refer to "Vajra chant · Dharma meeting cause points first"


Out of the old-fashioned and dull, concise, Zen, charm;


Leather hemp wood thread, warm, soft and elegant;


Reflect with the bright mirror, enrich vision and converge differences.


项目详情  Project details

项目名称 | 南宁荣和澜山府售楼部

Project Name: Nanning Ronghe Lanshan Government Sales Departmen
业主信息 | 荣和集团

Owner information  |  Ronghe group

地理位置 | 中国·南宁

geographical position  |  Nanning, China

完成时间 | 2020年

Completion time  |  2020

设计面积 | 1752㎡

Design area  |  1752㎡

设计单位 | 广州市联筑装饰设计有限公司

Design unit  |  Guangzhou Lianzhu Decoration Design Co., Ltd

设计团队 | 谢兆连、吴斌鹏、赖军研、洪莉茹

Design team  |  Xie Zhaolian, Wu binpeng, Lai Junyan, Hong Liru



谢兆连  Xie Zhaolian


Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts city College training teacher


Founder / design director of Guangzhou Lianzhu Decoration Design Co., Ltd


Founder / design director of Guangzhou Lidi soft decoration design Co., Ltd




广州市联筑装饰设计有限公司GUANGZHOU LIANZHU DECORATION DESIGN CO.,LTD.成立于2008年。主要提供酒店、会所、别墅、样板房、办公室等空间





Company introduction

Guangzhou Lianzhu Decoration Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2008. It mainly provides hotel, club, villa, model room, office and other space A full range of design services. We not only provide customers with design services, but also take this opportunity to improve the business development strategy and operation with customers, show customers the future and try our best to help realize this dream. We fully recognize the value of creative opportunities, and try our best to reflect the characteristics of this in projects all over the country: let our design better affect and improve people's living needs.

We are a young and energetic creative team. It aims to face design problems with a frank and frank working method and attitude, and maintain a clear design direction in the work process. Adhere to the creative design concept of combining art and technology, respect the objective conditions such as environment, technology and economy, and pursue personality and innovation based on rationality.

Our goal: Innovation + quality + service. It is emphasized that quality is the soul of design work and service is the guarantee of design work. Through effective management system and innovative design methods to maximize the quality and value of the project.


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